Privacy Statement


This Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”) applies to all job applicants and employees of Harrow International Management Services Limited, Harrow International Schools, Harrow LiDe Schools, Harrow Hong Kong Children School and Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres and/or its subsidiaries (together “the Employer”).

As part of its relationship with you, the Employer collects and processes any personal information about you. The Employer is committed to being transparent about how it collects and uses that information and to meeting its information protection obligations.


The Employer collects a range of information about you in connection with your relationship with the Employer. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • personal details including but not limited to name, address and contact details, including email address and telephone number;
  • details of your qualifications, skills, experience and employment history;
  • information about your past and current level of remuneration, including benefit entitlements; and
  • information about your entitlement to work in the host country.

This information is collected from you when you decide to apply for a job, enter an employment relationship with the Employer, terminate your employment with the Employer or request to utilize a service offered to its subsidiaries. The Employer may collect this information about you, with your consent, when required by applicable law. The information might be contained in application forms, CV’s or resumes, obtained from your passport or other identity documents, collected through interviews or other forms of documents or consent.

You agree for us to collect personal information about you from third parties, such as references supplied by former employers and referees. We will seek information from third parties only once a job offer to you has been made or with your consent.

Information will be stored in a range of places, including on our recruitment portal, in HR management systems and on other Employer’s systems including email. Information obtained on physical copies will be stored in a lockable document storage cabinet to protect its confidentiality and security.


The Employer may collect, use, or process information where necessary: a) to consider your application at your request before entering a contract with you; and b) to perform its obligations under an employment contract or agreement with you, or other request or transaction requested by you. In some cases, we may need to process information to ensure that we are complying with legal obligations. Failure to supply any personal information requested by the Employer may result in the Employer being unable to process your employment application.

The Employer has a legitimate interest in collecting and using personal information: a) during the recruitment process and for keeping records of the process; and b) during your employment with the Employer and for keeping records after termination of your employment with the Employer.

The collection and use of personal information are essential in connection with the conduct of its human resources and business functions. The Employer uses such personal information for:

  • Managing the recruitment process;
  • Determining eligibility for employment or engagement;
  • Managing employees’ work-related benefits and performance management;
  • Maintaining our Employer, family of schools, employees and students’ security, health, and safety, including the performance of internal audits or investigations;
  • Complying with labour and employment statutes and other appliable law; and
  • Monitoring recruitment or employment related statistics to carry out its obligations and exercise specific rights in relation to employment.


All personal information held by the Employer will be kept confidential, but the Employer may, where such disclosure is necessary to satisfy the purpose, or a directly related purpose, for which the information was collected, provide such personal information with the following recipients:

  • Asia International School Limited, its family of schools, its subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • Agents or third party service providers who provide administrative, computer or other services to the Employer; and
  • Public and Governmental Authorities.

We may also need to share your personal information as required to respond to lawful requests and legal processes; to protect our rights and property and those of our agents, customers, and others, including to enforce our agreements and policies; and in an emergency, to protect the Employer and the safety of our students, schools, and employees or any third party.


We take the security of your information seriously and properly in accordance with the requirement of the law. We have internal policies and controls in place to ensure that your information is not lost, accidentally destroyed, misused or disclosed, and is not accessed except by our employees in the proper performance of their duties.

If your personal information is shared with a third party, the Employer will require that the third party use appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal information.

The Employer will only retain your personal information for the duration necessary for the purposes of processing as identified by the Human Resources Department, unless there is a legal requirement to maintain it for a longer period.


As an information owner, unless otherwise specified by this notice or laws, you have the right to:

  • access and obtain a copy of your information on request;
  • rectify or correct inaccurate or incomplete personal information;
  • require the Employer to submit your personal information to yourself or a designated person; and
  • object to the collection, use or disclosure of your information at any time.

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact the Human Resources Department at <>.